Woman moans Sainsbury’s store was so cold she ‘had to buy Baileys to warm up’

A Sainsbury’s supermarket was so cold a woman claims she was forced to “buy a bottle of Baileys” for warmth, although helpfully the drink was on offer. Shoppers in Hornchurch, east London took to social media to complain about the freezing temperatures in their local store.

“If you’re going to Sainsbury’s in Hornchurch today, dress for deepest winter,” warned the woman, My London reported. “It is so cold we witnessed one customer cut her visit short because it was ‘too cold’ for her. Also, lighting has been turned down…”

She added: “It was so cold, I had to buy their Baileys on offer to add to my coffee when I got home just to warm up.”

The supermarket has had faults with their floor heating and lighting recently, resulting in the sub-zero temperatures. Temperatures outside are around 10 Celsius but the inside of the store reportedly felt even colder than the outdoor November chill.

Customers were concerned for the wellbeing of staff who were working in cold and dark conditions until the issue was resolved.

One disgruntled customer blasted: “It was freezing in there last Thursday when I went and I was shivering. The staff were also not happy … I won’t be rushing back to freeze death.” Someone else added: “It was ridiculously cold in the store yesterday – and dark.”

Another wrote: “I’ve just come back from there and was disgusted with how cold it was and the dull lighting. It’s virtually impossible to see what you’re buying and looks and feels so bleak.

Baileys wasn’t the only extreme measure shoppers were taking, as that customer added: “I was so cold I’ve had to come home and put my heating on. I feel really sorry for the staff having to work in those conditions. Is it even legal for their workplace to be so cold?”

While some suggested people just wrap up in extra layers and bear it, others said they wouldn’t use the Sainsbury’s until the issue was resolved. One customer explained how their 82 year old mother “shops in there regularly but may have to start shopping elsewhere.”

It was initially unclear how long the Sainsbury’s would be this icy and dark but Sainsbury’s has said the issue is now resolved.

A spokesperson said: “Last week we experienced some minor faults with our shop floor heating and lighting systems in our Hornchurch supermarket.

“The problems have since been resolved and we apologise for any inconvenience caused while the systems were repaired.”